TCLP Bottles and Other Equipment

RA-202 Plastic Extraction Bottle
These inexpensive polyethylene plastic bottles are wide-mouth (100mm), easy to clean and sized for the TCLP protocol.

RA-119 Borosilicate Glass Bottle
These heavy duty glass bottles are used for semi-volatile organic and inorganics. They are wide-mouth (100mm), thick walled, trace metal free and include a cap and teflon cap liner.

Type Quantity and Price
RA-202 Plastic Extraction Bottle (2L) $46.00 (case of 12)
RA-119 Borosilicate Glass Bottle (2.2L) $114.00 each

RA-202 Plastic Extraction Bottle (2L, 228mm x 120mm)

RA-119 Borosilicate Glass Bottle (2.2L, 330mm x 110mm)

Other Analytical Equipment and Services
  • Pressure Filtration Devices
  • Tedlar Bags
  • GF Filters
  • Equipment Design
  • Equipment Reconditioning
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