DC-20B/DC-CD2 Rotary Agitators

USEPA Method 1664 Oil and Grease

Rotary Agitator 12-Place Variable Speed Motor with 2L Separatory Funnel Plate. May be used for USEPA Method 1664A and 1664B Oil and Grease and USEPA Method 1311 TCLP.

USEPA Method 1664A and 1664B require vigorously shaking a 2L separators funnel with 1000ml sample and 30ml n-hexane for 2 minutes per extraction with 3 extractions required per sample analysis.

The DC-20B/DC-CD2 saves the analyst time and effort by shaking 12 samples with 3 extractions in 6 minutes total agitation time. 2L Separatory Funnels (glass or Teflon®) are placed in the agitator with the Separatory Funnel plate secured with three easy open hand knobs. The analyst has access to the funnels for venting and sample separation.

DC-20B/DC-CD2 Rotary Agitator

The DC-20B/DC-CD2 Rotary Agitator is constructed of the same material as the top selling DC-20B TCLP agitators. For over thirty years the DC-20B has been the workhorse agitator for thousands of laboratories worldwide. The DC-20B/DC-CD2 is constructed with the agitator bar three inches higher to allow for the increased rotational arc of 2L separators funnels. The Delrin plate and plastic hand knobs secure the funnels during rotation. Bodine DC motor and speed controller allow agitation from 3-40rpm and durability for 18 hour TCLP analysis daily.

DC-20B/DC-CD2 Rotary Agitator

The simple removal of the Delrin retention plate allows the agitator to be used for Method 1311 TCLP.

Model Price
$3690.00 each

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