Rotary Agitators

Analytical Testing Model DC-20 Rotary Agitators are used for evaluating the mobility of regulated compounds for EPA Test Method 1311 TCLP (Toxicity for Characteristic Leaching Procedure, page 26) and other leaching procedures listed in EPA SW-846.

Model Capacity Length Electrical Price
For Testing in the United States
DC-20S 4 24" 110V/60Hz $2300.00
DC-20 8 36" 110V/60Hz $2600.00
DC-20B 12 48" 110V/60Hz $2900.00
Variable Speed Agitators
DC-20S/DC 4 24" 110V/60Hz  $2600.00
DC-20/DC 8 36" 110V/60Hz $2900.00
DC-20B/DC 12 48" 110V/60Hz $3150.00

The DC-20 agitators are sized for two liter borosilicate glass, teflon and plastic bottles. Agitators will hold most manufacturers' ZHEs including our model C-102 Zero Headspace Extractor. Bottles of lower volume may be used with bottle collars.

DC-20S 4-Place Agitator with plastic bottles for inorganics extraction

DC-20B 12-Place Rotary Agitator

Built for Conveniences
The DC-20 series agitators include three sizes for cost effective operation at all laboratories.

Bodine 1/6 HP fan cooled 30 RPM gear motor rates for continuous duty operation. Solid aluminum rotary bar and frame balanced for quiet operation. We also manufacture agitators with DC variable speed motors.

Speed Controller for Variable Speed Agitators

Variable Speed Agitators
Agitators are designed for operation at variable speed 3-40 RPM. Equipment manufactured with Bodine electric DC motors and 110V speed controller. Used for TCLP testing and a wide variety of research studies.

Performance and Safety
The oversized single stage gear motor allows for free rotation and does not require reset brakes or jog switches. Samples may be vented or pH adjusted without removing bottles from the agitator.

Confidence - for over 30 years
The Analytical Testing Rotary Agitators have been approved by USEPA and are in service in hundreds of government, industrial and commercial laboratories worldwide.

For more information, download our rotary agitator brochure (PDF).

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